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Pleated Snowdrop

Galanthus plicatus

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Plant Profile

Flowering Months:
Amaryllidaceae (Amaryllis)
Life Cycle:
Maximum Size:
20 centimetres tall
Gardens, hedgerows, parks, roadsides, rocky places, woodland.

White, 6 petals
Solitary white, nodding flowers. Each flower is up to 2cm in diameter. The petals sometimes have a pale patch at their bases.
A capsule which produces the seeds.
Bluish-green leaves that are broader (2cm) in comparison with most other species of Snowdrop. The edges of the leaves are folded backwards. Perennial.
Other Names:
Crimean Snowdrop, Folded Snowdrop.
Frequency (UK):

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Other Information


Galanthus plicatus, commonly known as the folded snowdrop, is a species of perennial flowering plant in the Amaryllidaceae family. It is native to Southern Europe, mainly Greece and Turkey. It typically grows to a height of 6-8 inches (15-20 cm) with a spread of 3-5 inches (8-13 cm). The plant has narrow, linear leaves and small, white, bell-shaped flowers that bloom in late winter to early spring. The flowers have a distinctive appearance, they have a green “V” shaped mark on the outer three tepals, which gives the flower a plicate appearance. The flowers are larger and more waxy than those of G.nivalis. This species is hardy in USDA zones 4-8 and it prefers well-drained soils, it's also tolerant to cold and shade, it's often used as a ground cover, in mixed borders, naturalized areas and rock gardens.


Pleated Snowdrops, also known as Galanthus plicatus, are a beautiful and delicate flower that are a favorite among gardeners and nature lovers alike. These flowers are known for their unique pleated leaves and small, white flowers that bloom in early spring.

One of the most striking features of Pleated Snowdrops is their pleated leaves, which give the plant a unique texture and appearance. These leaves are long and narrow, and are folded in a way that gives them a pleated or folded appearance. They are typically green in color and can reach up to 6 inches in length.

The flowers of Pleated Snowdrops are small and delicate, with a pure white color. They are typically about 1 inch in diameter and have six petals that are arranged in a star-like shape. The flowers are also fragrant, making them a favorite among those who enjoy the scent of fresh flowers.

Pleated Snowdrops are hardy plants that can be grown in a variety of soils and climates. They are typically planted in the fall, and will bloom in early spring. They are also easy to care for, and do not require much maintenance. They are perfect for naturalizing, and will spread and multiply over time.

In addition to their beauty and ease of care, Pleated Snowdrops also have a special significance in many cultures. They are often associated with new beginnings and hope, and are often given as gifts to symbolize renewal and optimism.

Another great aspect of Pleated Snowdrops is their ability to naturalize and spread. This means that once established, they will continue to spread and multiply on their own, creating a beautiful and natural display in your garden year after year. This is particularly useful in woodlands or naturalized areas of your garden, where they can provide a beautiful display of white flowers in early spring, before the other plants have begun to grow.

Pleated Snowdrops are also deer resistant, which is a big plus for those who have problems with deer in their garden. They are also not attractive to rabbits, so you won't have to worry about them being nibbled on.

When it comes to planting and care, Pleated Snowdrops are quite easy to care for. They prefer well-drained soil and partial shade, but can tolerate full sun as well. They can be planted in the fall or early spring, and once established, they will require very little maintenance.

It is also good to note that Pleated Snowdrops are not suitable for cutting and bringing indoors as they don't last long as cut flowers. But they are great to add to your garden as they will come back year after year.

In conclusion, Pleated Snowdrops are a beautiful and versatile flower that are a great addition to any garden. They are easy to care for, deer resistant and will naturalize and spread over time. They are also perfect for naturalizing and providing a beautiful display of white flowers in early spring. Their pleated leaves and small, white flowers make them a unique and elegant addition to any garden.

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